class AsciiString: public OctetString


Public Methods

[more]void report()
[more]AsciiString(char*, char*, int)
report method for this level

Inherited from OctetString:

Public Methods

ovoid decode(FramePointer&)
ovoid encode(FramePointer&)

Inherited from Codec:

Public Fields

ostatic int bldseq
ostatic int variant
ostatic NewFlag pass2
ostatic NewFlag pass2req
ochar* label
ochar* title
ochar* mnem
ochar* text
oint size
oint spare
oint dfltval
oint value
oint bldord
oFramePointer frame
oNewFlag exists
oNewFlag built
oNewFlag bound
oNewFlag invalid
obool master

Public Methods

ovirtual void bits(int)
ovirtual void morebits()
ovirtual void build()
ovirtual bool set(int)
ovirtual bool set(char*)
ovirtual bool set(char*, int)
ovirtual bool get(int&)
ovirtual bool get(char*&)
ovirtual bool get(char*&, int&)
ovirtual bool test(int)
ovirtual bool test(char*, int)
ovirtual bool test(char*)
ostatic void rebuild()
ovirtual Codec* copy()
ovirtual Codec* newcopy(char*, char*)




ovoid report()

o AsciiString(char*, char*, int)
report method for this level

This class has no child classes.

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